Our photo gallery displays various projects for our customers to reference.  

     Below Are images from Crestview Elementary on the Northeast side of Indianapolis.  The product installed is Longboard Soffit manufactured by Maynes Coating Corp, they coat aluminum soffit to match multiple shades of wood grain.  The soffit was installed to mirror the interior stained wood soffit on the ceiting of the main entrance.




















     Bellow are images from a Remodel project for a McDonald's in Logansport, IN.   Corrugated metal panels and trim metal was installed around the perimeter of the building.











     Bellow Are images from a Demolition/Remodel of an art gallery on Washington Street in Downtown Indianapolis.

SYSTEM: Firestone Fully Adhered .060 EPDM Membrane with a TPO tie in to the adjoining roof.










    Below are images from a new contruction job for McDonald's in Auburn, IN.

SYSTEM: JM Mechanically Fastened .060 TPO Membrane










     Below are images from a replica McDonald's at the Survive Alive House and Safety Village in Ft. Wayne, IN.  

SYSTEM: Mechancially Fastened .045 EPDM Membrane










     Below are images from a New Construction project for; Dairy Queen, Marathon, Hoosier Market near the 9200 block of Meridian on the North side of Indianapolis.

SYSTEM: JM Mechanically Fastened .060 TPO Memebrane

Restaurant/Gas Station










     Below is an image from a Reroof Project of a Planet Fitness on Kentucky Ave in Indianapolis, IN (Southwest Side)

SYSTEM: JM Mechanically Fastened . 060 TPO Membrane 

Planet Fitness - 3479 Kentucky Ave Indianapolis, IN 46221










     Below is an image from a new construction project on a McDonald's in Louisville, KY.  This is one of multiple identical systems we have installed on this franchise throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio.

SYSTEM: JM Mechanically Fastened .060 TPO Membrane

2209 Taylorsville Rd Louisville, Kentucky 40205




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